Another World: Figures and Skulls


My subject matter is the human body, the landscape, animal skulls and the subtle relationships between figures in space. My main focus is painting the figure, exploring and reveling in the exciting and subtle details of musculature and skin tone as captured in oil.

My figures reside in a posited reality outside of human senses, a metaphysical space – an environment of spirit and being. In this reality the figures posse animal skulls, creating images that work as a springboard to that posited reality and imaginative speculation: what is the relationship between life and death, animal and human, bone and flesh? The shapes and forms of skulls, infinitely interesting and beautiful, add a provocative and fascinating element to the paintings, creating a symbolic juxtaposition that captures the beauty and mystery of existence. The combination of this reality and unreality is intended to create a new appreciation of being.

Figurative Paintings
Sebastian G Hyde @ Lighting Coyote Studio